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Dragon Hopper

If you are surprised because long ago not talked about games for the virtual Boy, let us tell you that was not for our pleasure to take photos of this system it takes a special device that Nintendo has only, so we take our recent trip to NOA to bring us some pictures and thus talk you future games that appear to this system, as well as some you can already find at the moment.

In the game Dragon Hopper, you control a small dragon named Dorin (the Prince) must rescue his family and his beloved Diana who were abducted by the Prime Minister of his father (the King, of course) so his mission is to seek the help of 4 spirits of his Kingdom and thus have sufficient power to deal with the diabolical Prime Minister and rescue his loved ones. In what less must be one in this game is in history, because it is fairly simple, burned and up to predictable, but fortunately for the players, the game does not share the same fate that history. [I can get the gist of that last sentence, but I have no idea how to accurately interpret it...]

Well, at first we said here can control a dragon to go to different scenes that are divided into stories, so to explore a level you have to jump and thus reach bases found upstream or fall into holes in the floor to descend to lower floors. This effect of raising and lowering is very well done and, on the Virtual Boy, really gives a depth effect which helps the game be more showy.

Dorin has several movements such as jumping, attacking and talking to people that he finds on the way to obtain clues to the location of the keys to the next level, or to get information concerning the whereabouts of the four spirits being sought.

As you can see, this is an excellent adventure game that will allow you to enter a world of 3-D full of terrible enemies. One advantage is that it has a battery, so you can save your progress.

Bound High

This game is quite simple in its history here can control a robot named Chalvo which has the quality of bounce in different types of surfaces, so by this "incredible capacity" the was chosen to fight against a group of Aliens that threatens invade the Earth and to protect us must locate the Aliens and delete cayendoles above from a great height actually the Mission of Chalvo is not that simple, because at the time of falling on the Aliens. Chalvo make rebound and achieved a great height, your mission is to guide you to fall about more Aliens or surfaces that are safe and not peaks, brittle floors or caring for you not to leave the basis on which the Aliens are. In the game you'll find a variety of Aliens, because there are some who are weak and only hold a fall of Chalvo, but there are also some was are stronger and can withstand more than two strokes, others disappear and appear at different points in the bases, there are generators of Aliens and until there are some that you can only them fall at a certain point because if you do not damage.

Yes, the game seems to have a fairly simple mechanic, and it does, but what helps is that we have several different game modes in Bound High. You can choose between playing Adventure mode (which is the main mode and where you can face up to some heads), the Score mode (where you try for the high-score), Random mode (where you get several different missions with random difficulty) and Pocket and Cushion mode, which is something like Golf and Billiards, where the direction and speed of the balls depends on how you land on them. We can quickly say this game is quite simple, but it is also very entertaining and the height effects are very good on the VB.

Zero Racers

Road-work ahead! After a long wait we will finally enjoy a racing title for the VB, and best of all is that it is a high-speed one. Those who have had the chance to play it say that it plays very well with a nice sense of speed.

This game is planned to exit in a couple of months so not too many details, but we can say that there will be four different types of ships which fly in the channels the game uses for tracks. Ships have different characteristics (as often happens in Nintendo games) so that you can use a ship which accelerates quickly but is not very fast or another that has excellent speed but takes years to get there. The other comment we have heard about this game is that it could be said to be F-zero for the VB, which already speaks well of it. Therefore, we can only hope to be able to learn more.