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Here you can find merchandise and promotion-items, everything that has 'Virtual Boy' written on it...

$10 Virtual Boy CouponNintendo
"Demo Here" BannerNintendo
3D SignNintendo / Design Phase
3D SpecsNintendo
Alarm ClockNintendo
Cap (Black 2)Nintendo
Cap (Black)Nintendo
Cap (Black/Purple)Nintendo
Cap (Grey)Nintendo
Cap (Purple)Nintendo
Cap (Red/Black)Nintendo
Hudson Soft VB ButtonHudson Soft
Jeans ShirtNintendo
M. Tennis Playing CardsNintendo
Nester's Funky Bowling Ceiling Hanger displayNintendo
Nintendo 3D ButtonNintendo
Nintendo Power 3D GlassesNintendo / Chromatek Inc.
Optigraphics CapsNintendo
Promotional SlidesNintendo
Special Value ButtonNintendo
Store Vinyl BannerNintendo
T-Shirt (Black)Nintendo
T-Shirt (Grey)Nintendo
T-Shirt (Red/Blue)Nintendo
T-Shirt (White)Nintendo
Trading CardsNintendo
V-Tetris ButtonBulletproof Software
VB JacketNintendo
Virtual Boy Key Chain?