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3d artist
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I was made in 1981 and work at an advertising company now, doing 3d cgi and movie related stuff there.
I like Japan. It's varied cutural export for example. Nintendo. Studio Ghibli - love their movies! I really should travel this amazing country one fine day!


To avoid missunderstanding: I didn't draw the avatar myself - I ripped it off an old turtles comic book cover and just photoshopped it a little. This is the source:
I just really like the visual style of the first turtles comics. This issue's cover is already red and black (as all the 4 turtles headbands were back in the days!) and it's 'retro' too, so I chose it as my PVB avatar.


I'm a HUUGE fool for 3D! Actually, there are no stupid questions, but I just don't understand questions like "why 3D?". Can't you see?! A well made 3D image is just beautiful! Question: why beauty? Well, OK - the production of flat images is more efficient and easier to achieve - well you take the flat version, no problem. But I'll work harder (or pay more) for a more beautiful version.
I'm collecting 3D movies and games.


Favorite games? Zelda series, Mario Kart series, Secret of Evermore, Turtles in Time, Street Fighter II. PC? Portal. I definetely have to check out that homebrew port of Portal for the 3ds. I need more time. Do you sell life time? PM me!
My first console actually was the Game Boy, but I didn' play it as much as the SNES, wich I feel more like my personal initial gaming era today. The SNES still has something magical to me, childhood memories surely beeing one reason for this. I also had a N64, but growing up, I had less time left for gaming due to learning, so the N64 wasn't played as much and became my last console until ... the 3DS came out and got me back into gaming. I also was exited about the 3D update for the PS3, then the Rift and now ... finally the Virtual Boy got the attention it deserves from me too. Well, finally ...


But there's something I totally don't understand about my life: why did't I got stuck on Virtual Boy more early? Of cause I've sometimes heard and read of it while searching for 3d stereoscopic stuff. But I always thought, the VB is dead and out of reach - at least from Europe ... surely rare and to expensive for normal human beeings, more some investment for a museum. Why did it take me so long to recognize that the games are all free playable on emulators ... that VBs actually still are sold on ebay & Co. for realistic prizes ... THAT PEOPLE EVEN STILL MAKE AND RELEASE GAMES FOR THIS IN 2017??!! Even better than the original ones??!! I nearly couldn't believe this when I startet reading PVB and trying some ROMs - what a creative and awesome community! Unbelievable. I'm totally impressed! And I feel somehow ignorant too, that I didn't see this earlier ... well, better late than never.
And I already feel a kind of emotional connection to this old boy - the VUE - more than to the 3DS, which I actually consider as a technically improved Virtual Boy. I think the main reason for this is that it comes straight from the 90s - my lucky gaming childhood! Oh boy, oh Virtual Boy - why didn't you find your way to Europe back then? I would have bought you! Maybe I would even have played and loved you more than the N64. What a great tragedy.


I'm still figuring out, what I could contribute to the community or what I even want to achieve with VUE. One day, I really would like to see some own graphics on actual hardware, at least.
As I really love the SNES era and also like the "3d classics" series released for the 3DS very much, I would really love to play all the nice SNES titles in 3D on VB (and 3DS too)! But of cause - those ports would be much work and would suffer from the same licensing troubles as Hyper Fighting does ...