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3d artist
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"STEREO BOY" would have been a more matching name for the VIRTUAL BOY, I think, because it wouldn't have aroused false expectations ...

I work at an advertising company, doing 3d cgi and movie related stuff there.

I really like Japan's cutural export - like Nintendo, Studio Ghibli, Sushi ... think I should travel this country one fine day!


I'm a HUUGE fool for 3D! Actually, there are no stupid questions, but I just don't understand questions like "why 3D?". Can't you see?! A well made 3D image is just beautiful! Question: why beauty? Well, OK - the production of flat images is more efficient and easier to achieve - well you take the flat version, no problem. But I'll work harder (or pay more) for a more beautiful version.
I'm collecting 3D movies and games.


My first console actually was the Game Boy, but I didn' play it as much as the Super Nintendo, wich I feel more like my personal initial gaming era today. The SNES still has something magical to me, childhood memories surely beeing one reason for this. And I still think, that it's the most beautiful designed gaming console ever - well, the japanese and european versions! It's a pitty that the US version looks so ugly. My favorite SNES games were: Zelda III, Super Mario Kart, Mario Paint, Secret of Evermore, Turtles in Time, Street Fighter II and others ...
I also had a N64, but growing up, I had less time left for gaming due to learning, so the N64 wasn't played as much and became my last console until ... the 3DS came out and got me back into gaming. I also was exited about the 3D update for the PS3, then the Oculus Rift and ... finally the Virtual Boy gets the attention it deserves from me too. Well, finally ...


But there's something I totally don't understand about my life: why did't I got stuck on Virtual Boy more early? Of cause I've sometimes heard and read of it while searching for 3d stereoscopic stuff. But I always thought, the VB is dead and out of reach - at least in Europe ... surely rare and to expensive for normal human beeings, more some investment for a museum. Why did it take me so long to recognize that the games are all free playable on emulators ... that VBs actually still are sold on ebay & Co. for realistic prizes ... THAT PEOPLE EVEN STILL MAKE AND RELEASE GAMES FOR THIS IN 2017??!! Some even better than the original ones?! I nearly couldn't believe this when I startet reading PVB and trying some ROMs - what a creative and awesome community! Unbelievable. I'm totally impressed! And I feel somehow ignorant too, that I didn't see this earlier ... well, better late than never.
And I even feel a kind of emotional connection to this red console already - more than to the 3DS (which I actually consider as a technically improved Virtual Boy). I think the main reason for this is that it comes straight from the 90s - my lucky gaming childhood! Oh boy, oh Virtual Boy - why didn't you find your way to Europe back then? I would have bought you! Maybe I would even have played and loved you as much as the SNES. What a great tragedy.

But - thanks to KR155E, VBDE and the VUEngine - I already was able to experiment with my own graphics on the Virtual Boy very soon after getting in touch with this awesome community and on July 21st 2017, I proudly released my first little homebrew project with KR155E:

VB stuff I'd like to see come true:

- all VB games as Virtual Console ports on 3DS
- Dragon Hopper (of cause)
- more 3D ports of classic SNES games (like Hyper Fighting)
- Hardware like the link cable and bigger size FlashBoys
- Link adapter to connect VB to modern networks and cross-platform multiplayer games, that VB users can play together with 3DS users
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