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Welcome to the third dimension! On this site you will learn everything about Nintendo's Virtual Reality experiment, the Virtual Boy. Released back in 1995 only in Japan and North America, the system failed all along the line and disappeared from the market less than a year later, quietly and without any official word. Only 22 games were released for the Virtual Boy during its short lifespan. Here we want to build a memorial for this unique oddity of videogame history. Dedicated to its brilliant creator, Gunpei Yokoi.


VB Donkey Kong!

After a long break another update:
the Virtual Lab review is also available in german now.
You'll find a nice gimmick in the Misc section: the "3D Virtual Boy" is a Virtual Boy that can be spun around with the mouse..
Aetzn scanned his Wario Land Demo, the scans can be found here.
I found the following screenshot of Virtual Boy Donkey Kong on a japanese site:

I doubt that it's a real pic since the game only was in development for a few weeks.. but who knows!

Virtual Lab Review

OK, today we have a very special thing for you, our friend Brandon Tabassi wrote a great review of Virtual Lab!! Reviews of Space Invaders and Virtual Bowling are going to follow, yippiieeee!
The Big.N-Scans seemed to be messed up because of some errors while the process of uploading. I reupped them, I only had to scan page 1 again, now everything should work fine.
I also upped new screenshots of Mario Clash, Red Alarm (both with a new design!) and Virtual Lab. And the frontpage of the screenshots-section got a new design. We now have a total of 159 screenshots, new will follow soon!
At the moment i'm redesigning and updating the unreleased section and the picarchive will be ready to be upped soon. Plus DrAetzn plans to scan the japanese manual of Red Alarm this weekend.

Back home

Sooo, holidaytime is over and today we bring you a big update.. In the latest issue of the german magazine "Big.N" there's a nice article about the Virtual Boy's history which is 6 sides long. See the scans here. An XXL-test of V-Tetris (only in german for now, sorry) and the japanese manual of Golf are also new. We also added some new screenshots of V-Tetris, Mario Adventure, Waterworld, Virtual Fishing and Space Squash!

Holiday time

Well guys, it`s holidaytime.. The Doc goes for a shorttrip to Spain/Mallorca and KR155E will be in Travemünde/Eastsea in the next 2 weeks.. Today we've uploaded a new Misc-section, the ebay-history and formatted the VB-history. We also changed some little things in the Thanks, Demos and Sounds sections. The doc will be back on 13.8 and then I will definitely start to translate some sections for our englishspeaking VB-fans.. so hold on..

Happy Birhday, Doc!

It's DrAetzn's birthday today! All the best to your 20th, Doc! Let us sing.. "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Dohooooc, happy birthday to yoooooooooou!"
BTW, the bidding on Virtual Bowling closed at the incredible price of $1,140.00!!! A new record ! It's unbelievable how much some people pay for a single game.. crazy..