Welcome to the third dimension! On this site you will learn everything about Nintendo's Virtual Reality experiment, the Virtual Boy. Released back in 1995 only in Japan and North America, the system failed all along the line and disappeared from the market less than a year later, quietly and without any official word. Only 22 games were released for the Virtual Boy during its short lifespan. Here we want to build a memorial for this unique oddity of videogame history. Dedicated to its brilliant creator, Gunpei Yokoi.


"Null Pointer" Mockup Demo released

I have released a playable mockup of a scifi-themed Metroidvania game called "Null Pointer". This demo was built using the VBJaEngine as a test drive for both the engine and a few design ideas I had. It consists of a single small room to walk around in.

More information, download and discussion here.


Virtual Fishing English translation patch released

thunderstruck and Benjamin Stevens have released their translation patch for Virtual Fishing! This patch translates all the Japanese text in the game, finally making all of the Japan exclusive Virtual Boy games playable in English. Still missing are the title screen logo, the stage selection screen header (both images) and the player names on the all times records screen, which will be done in a future patch revision.

With about half a year in the works, this is by far the most complicated Virtual Boy translation patch to date. If you're interested in its backstory, you can find sort of a development log in this thread.

Download and discussion here.

Reflection Technology's Virtual Boy Prototype

Not long before the release of the Virtual Boy, Nintendo sent a prototype system with a built-in copy of Space Pinball to Reflection Technology, the US-based company that developed the Virtual Boy's display technology. Ben Wells, former Reflection Technology Chief Scientist, was kind enough to share a bunch of photos of the unit, as well as some Private Eye prototype parts, with Benj Edwards. Thank you very much, Benj, for sharing these with us and of course thank you Ben for taking the photos!

Photos by Ben Wells. The unit is not for sale.

The untold story of the Nintendo Virtual Boy

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Virtual Boy's launch in North America, FastCompany recently posted an article called "Unraveling The Enigma Of Nintendo's Virtual Boy, 20 Years Later" by Benj Edwards. In great detail, it describes how the idea of a portable high-resolution display by US engineer Allen Becker in 1985 eventually became the defining key component of the Nintendo Virtual Boy ten years later.

A definitive, highly recommended must-read that does away with a lot of misconceptions about Nintendo's red and black stepchild. You'll be surprised!

Bound High! Guide

After a year-long hiatus, Brian Hodges has released a new game guide, this time for the unreleased Bound High!

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