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Re: Virtual Boy 16Mbit PCB and 128Mbit PCB designs
Posted on: 10/12 0:22
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animals! :D

Re: Virtual Boy 16Mbit PCB and 128Mbit PCB designs
Posted on: 10/14 10:22
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I guess I'll spill the beans early, then. Sorry in advance if this seems like I'm hijacking the thread, but this will go hand in hand with Kevin's work:

I'm looking at getting connectors and cartridge shells produced. Devs and reproduction artists alike could purchase them in bulk for production runs of new games and of games that are too rare for most to buy in any reasonable capacity, and the destruction of donor carts would be a thing of the past.

The VB only sold 177k systems worldwide. Many of the games obviously sold less than even that. So even the most common game (Mario's Tennis) probably only sold about that much (as it was a pack-in in the USA, and most every VB owner probably bought it in Japan).

That's not a lot, and at the rate that homebrew titles will soon be produced thanks to a certain someone in our community (long live VUEngine!), I feel that relying on the destruction of retail carts will one day become infeasible.

I have contacts that have produced knock off Nintendo and Sega material that is the best quality around and is about as close to honest Nintendo and Sega parts as anyone has ever made (quality wise and when allowed by law, look wise), and at prices that are insanely cheap (systems/2 controllers/power/av as low as 14 bucks while still making a profit). With the connections they have in China, I honestly feel like it's a huge possibility both cart shells and board connectors could be reproduced at a reasonable cost for everyone in the community.

The reason I'm not having the whole cartridge produced, is because I don't want to kick Kevin below the belt. He's worked very hard to produce these boards, and deserves to be able to keep producing them for the community. If the only other two missing pieces can be provided by me, that would be the easiest solution... as far as I can see... unless the whole cart can be produced for peanuts. If that's the case, I'd contact Kevin directly (as I already have via email about other things), and talk it out with him before making any decision public.

*perks up*. Well, color me interested. Donor stuff has always been the worst part of VB repro-ing. You might also look into making pin connectors like those on the console itself - I regrettable had to salvage one from one of my VBs in order to make a dumper for VB games, and while that system had problems, it could have been repaired.

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