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Re: Long time user, first time posting. Any 95-96
Posted on: 2017/7/17 8:15
VB Gamer
Joined 2017/7/10
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tydyedsyko wrote:
VB OG here. When i was a kid my parents refused to purchase video game consoles that connected to the TV as it "would distract from schoolwork". When the VB came out i begged and begged because it did not connect to the TV and i got it for christmas! i was so very excited and i loved it. I used to take it everywhere. After a few years i discovered ebay and was able to pick up some additional games that were only available in Japan. I do not have all the games but i am still building my collection.

ha thats awesome! yea im still trying to finish my collection too :) im trying to finish it up here in the next few months

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