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SNES Controller Setup
Posted on: 2016/12/29 4:12
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I've looked over the forums a few times and I've even wrote a post or two myself about this. I thought a write up might be nice.

SNES extension cable 1x
Virtual cable 1x
Socket to fit AC Adapter M tip #2731070 1x
RadioShack small project box 1x #2701801 1x
RadioShack AC Adapter 9v 1000ma #2731121 1x
RadioShack SPST Rocket Switch catakig #2750693 1x
Grommet (if you want a cleaner project) #6403025 1x

Solder 1x
Soldering Iron (25w) 1x
Wire Stripper 1x
Electrical Tape or Heat-Shrink Tube 1x

Verify your wiring. The VB cable tends to be good to go, as all the cables were made the same, however to be sure I'd check continuity. Also, check the SNES cable continuity. I've included a screenshot showing you the colors I saw in my cables. This helps you avoid soldering the wrong cables.

Drill 3/4in hole at top of the box and three holes to size for the SNES, AC Adapter and Virtual Boy on the sides.

Connect the socket, switch, and SNES and VB cable into the project box.

Solder the correct Latch, Data, +5v, Clock and Ground together.

Connect a power and a ground cable (thicker AWS cable) to the AC socket. Solder the power cable to the switch (pin on the side with the dot on the switch button).

Solder the VBattery from the VB cable to the other pin on the switch.

Now, solder the ground from the SNES/VB cable to the ground from the AC Adapter.

Tape or heat-shrink all the connections (Latch, Data, +5v, Clock, and Ground).

Test. Check connectivity etc. if you have any issues.

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Re: SNES Controller Setup
Posted on: 2017/1/2 22:41
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Nifty, what would some uses for this be?

Re: SNES Controller Setup
Posted on: 2017/1/3 23:12
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For use with hyper fighting or other games. It makes playing high bound much easier too.

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