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VB controller on 3DS
Posted on: 2016/12/9 12:00
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Sorry its not quite what some might think, NOT a mod to make a VB controller work on a 3DS but if you have a 3DS here is a 3D render of the controller.
Drop the 2 files into the SD card picture directories from your 3DS, fire it up, let the camera sort its management files and you should be able to view the 3D render.
Its only manually generated with 2 cameras in Solidworks and 'stphmkre.exe' to generate the 3D picture. nice little easy to use conversion program, worth downloading if you have a 3D picture interest.

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Re: VB controller on 3DS
Posted on: 2017/2/17 16:53
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Wow - looks very nice on a 3d monitor!

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