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Re: Nintendo Co., Ltd. 1995 Annual Report Booklet
Posted on: 2/10 7:30
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Benjamin Stevens wrote:
As I was browsing through my Nintendo Power issues recently, I noticed something in Issue # 80 from January of 1996 that might give us a good idea of the rarity of this Nintendo Co., Ltd. 1995 Annual Report Booklet and the relevant press releases that were included with it. On pages 112 and 113 of the issue, it can be seen that only 5 winners of that particular Player's Poll Contest were awarded press kits containing this report. Other than that, only industry insiders who were allowed into the expo would have received copies, unless other privileged attendees held similar contests as Nintendo Power did.

Oh wow! Nice find there! That is indeed a good indication of its rarity.

Re: Nintendo Co., Ltd. 1995 Annual Report Booklet
Posted on: 2/11 18:07
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These are awesome! I hadn't seen this post on here before. I love that picture of Ken Griffey Jr. play VB. He was always my favorite (baseball) players as a kid so this picture is a marriage of two of my favorite things!

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