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Re: [ENTRY] Game Boy Emulator
Posted on: 2017/4/4 13:08
Joined 2017/4/4
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man, this is awesome. it would be really cool if someone was able to maybe attach the connector pins from a super gameboy cartridge to a VB cart with this emulator on it so you could actually play some actual GB carts on your VB

Re: [ENTRY] Game Boy Emulator
Posted on: 2017/11/14 20:40
VB Gamer
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Incredible work on this, MK. I have been blown away by how well the majority of games work.

I spent several hours testing GB games last night, and have a big pack of converted games that generally work.

I streamed about your emulator on my YouTube channel as I prepared the conversions:

I would love to see work continue on this, and I'm sure we could even put together crowdfunding to support you if it would help.
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Re: [ENTRY] Game Boy Emulator
Posted on: 2017/11/16 5:25
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I would chip in. The Game Boy Emulator is a crowd favorite every time I pull the "funny" Virtual Boy off the shelve.

Re: [ENTRY] Game Boy Emulator
Posted on: 1/15 23:09
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I have tried about 30 games on the emulator and most are dreadfully slow, donít run or crash.

This is my best choices for play list that I keep as a file for quick install on my Flashboy+.

1) Felix the Cat (slower but fully playable)
2) Zelda: Links Awakening (slower but fully playable)
3) Super Mario Land (slower but fully playable)
4) Trip World (no sound but plays near full speed and looks amazing with 3D added)
5) Zoids Densetsu (nearly perfect with minimal slowdown)
6) Dr. Mario (no sound but seems to play exact speed)
7) Snow Bros. Jr. (no sound and minor slow down)

Seems the games that have failed sound actually play the best, weird right?
What games have you had the most success from and actually wanna play on VB?

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