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Re: My Flashboy Issues
Posted on: 2010/11/5 9:55
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I agree for me it all worked exept Nester's Funky Bowling no matter what rom I found

All the other games and homebrew work thought

Re: My Flashboy Issues
Posted on: 2010/11/5 17:31
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Works perfectly fine here on my Flashboy. So I agree with KRE155 and think it is a bad ROM issue.

Re: My Flashboy Issues
Posted on: 2010/11/7 5:41
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Yackom wrote:
I pm'd MineStorm he hasn't got back with me yet.

So I looked at the board again and it looks like the flash chip does actually have a funky pin that looks like it might be a bad solder.

It's pin 15 which is the RY/BY 'ready/busy' pin. So perhaps thats why I'm having funky timeout periods. ... 4/AMD/AM29F160DB75EI.html

I'm gonna heat it up and try to resolder that pin

my quest continues.

Did Richard write the flasher program? I forget if it was him or DogP. Anyway, DogP is another guy that can probably help you, he's the unofficial VB guru.

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