Here you can find info on selected, mostly finished, homebrew games for the Virtual Boy. Select another subsection for a complete library of homebrew software.

Title Type Status Status Developer Rating (PVB User)
3D BattleSnake Game ReleasedFinishedDogP-7.2/10(15)
Ballface Game ReleasedIn DevelopmentDanB-8.3/10(7)
BLOX Game ReleasedFinishedKR155E7/107.9/10(53)
BLOX 2 Game ReleasedFinishedKR155E-8.1/10(27)
Capitan Sevilla 2 Game ReleasedIn Developmentrubengar-6.7/10(16)
Fishbone Game ReleasedFinishedthunderstruck, Virtual_Ben-8.2/10(15)
GameHero Game ReleasedFinishedthunderstruck-7.1/10(14)
GoSub Game ReleasedFinishedVirtualChris-6.1/10(22)
GoSub 3D Game ReleasedIn DevelopmentVirtualChris-6.4/10(14)
Hunter Game ReleasedIn DevelopmentDanB-8.4/10(14)
Mario Kart: Virtual Cup Game ReleasedIn DevelopmentDogP-8.5/10(33)
Mario VB Game ReleasedOn HoldJorgeche-8.7/10(26)
PongInvaders Game ReleasedIn Developmentusch-5.5/10(13)
Simon! Game ReleasedFinishedDogP5/105.2/10(18)
Snowball Wars Game ReleasedOn HoldJorgeche-7.1/10(14)
Soviet Union 2010 Game ReleasedFinishedHorvatM-6.7/10(12)
Soviet Union 2011 Game ReleasedIn DevelopmentHorvatM-6.7/10(9)
Super Bounce Game ReleasedFinishedDogP-5.4/10(12)
Tic Tac Toe Game ReleasedFinishedDogP-6.1/10(13)
Tron Game ReleasedFinishedAlberto Covarrubias7/106.9/10(18)
VB Racing Game ReleasedIn DevelopmentM.K.-8.1/10(27)
Virtual Pong Game ReleasedFinishedAlberto Covarrubias4/105.7/10(33)
VUE Snake Game ReleasedFinishedKR155E-7.1/10(18)
Yeti3D Engine ReleasedIn DevelopmentDanB-7.7/10(20)
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