Read what various websites wrote about the Virtual Boy.

CNN Cyberplay: Virtual Boy
Steven L. Kent, CNN Interactive, 1997/03/09
Gamecube-Online.net VB Special
Dante, Gamecube-Online.net, 2003/12/19, Original
Very nice and big article about the VB, it's games and homebrews, tech and history plus game reviews.
Games That Defined the Nintendo Virtual Boy
racketboy, 2006/02/08, Original
IGN Retro "VB Revisited"
Patrick Kolan, IGN AU, 2008/01/14, Original
NeXGam VB Special
Kai Richard, NeXGam, 2002/09/29
Nintendome Games Convention 2003
Christoph, Nintendome.de, 2003/08/26
Nintendome VB Mega-Check
Christoph, Nintendome.de, 2003/09/26
Retrowelt.com: Virtual Boy - Codename VU
Sebastian, 2007/01/05, Original
The Lost GoldenEye Videogame
MI6.co.uk, 2007/01/11, Original
VegaBros VB Review
VegaBros, Games Domain Review, 1995/??/??
Virtual Boyhood Memories
MattG, PressTheButtons, 2005/08/15, Original
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